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Whiteface Mountain/Lake Placid


Prices are all per night total (excl cleaning fees). The more families we split with, the lower the cost per family. We may split per bed instead if it seems that's more fair for the type of house we book.

  • For 3+ families
    • Option A - A brand new condo style unit, close to the mountain. Has beds for 2 couples and 5 kids (or some recombination around that). $320/night
    • Option B - A very nice house right in Lake Placid (on Mirror Lake). This would be an option if we have a bunch of families going as it's expensive but sleeps 20 people. $850/night
    • Option C - A cabin with a bit of privacy right near Lake Placid. It's very well appointed and could be made to fit 4 families if we were flexible with how the kids sleep (i.e. Claire probably wouldn't mind an sleeping bag on an air mattress). - $550/night
    • Option D - A cabin a bit further from either destination (~20 minutes to the mountain), but $100/night cheaper than other similarly large houses. This one would be ideal for 4+ families and sleeps 17 people.
  • For 2 families
    • Option A - 4 bedroom, sleeps 8, near lake placid. $350/night
    • Option B - 3 bedroom, sleeps 8, 5 minutes from the mountain. A little less updated than Option A (think mid 90s, not 60s) but still rustic and lower cost. $275/night
    • Option C - 3 bedroom, sleeps 8. Best price of the group at $202/night.