• PA Side
    • Smithfields Beach ($10 parking)
  • NJ Side
    • Turtle Beach ($10 parking)


Trail Name Side % North Length Difficulty Features
Tumbling Waters Trail PA 60% 3.0mi Med/Difficult “This trail has it all – an overlook of the Delaware River Valley, Tumbling Waters waterfall, remnants of farms, hemlock forest, mixed forest, a pine plantation, and two ponds. Over nine miles of trail can be connected together in the PEEC area to fill the entire day.”
Van Campens Glen NJ 30% 1.4mi Medium “Effort-to-reward ratio is totally in your favor on this short hike. Gorgeous year-round and stunning in fall. Avoid when very wet or icy. Downside: can be a crazy popular area.”
Turquoise Trail NJ 20% 1.1mi Easy Has scenic views of the valley below
Railway Avenue Trail PA 40% 0.8mi Easy A short hike that follows an old section of the Pennsylvania-Delaware Railway

Other Activities


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  • Olde Engine Works - Huge multi-vendor space in Stroudsburg (just across the gap on the PA side)


  • More options on the PA side. Most NJ-side options are a decent drive from the park.