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 +The best day to go to Camden is a Saturday – it is the busiest day but you don’t get the same experience on other days. 
 +The main part of the Camden experience is just over the canal bridge.
 +  * Cyberdog in Camden – there are two giant metal robots outside (you’ll see a picture when you google it – but don’t search through all the photos as you’ll ruin the surprise which I think is definitely part of the experience). Make sure you go downstairs, there are 3 floors, there are dancers and all sorts inside!
 +  * Chin Chin Labs – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – the smoothest ice cream you’ll ever eat. If you chat to the guy inside he’ll give you a full run through of how they make it – which I’m certain you’ll love.
 +  * Proud@Camden:​ This is a bar in the evening and an art gallery during the day – the inside is kind of cool just to walk through during the day.
 +  * Stables Market – there’s lots of weird and wonderful stuff inside. You’ll know you’re heading into the right part as there are lots of bronze statues of horses and blacksmiths around the entrance.
 +  * Food: There’s lots of street food around in Camden Market – I don’t think you can go too far wrong –though there is a place near Proud@Camden that makes really good pizza fresh to order for under a £5 which is really good. 
 +  * Once you’re bored of shopping, and if the day is nice – then I recommend walking along the Canal Tow Path from Camden to Paddington (Little Venice). It’s about 2 miles stroll and you can see some really beautiful houses on the canal side and you’ll walk past/​through London Zoo and Regent’s Park.
 +NB: I’m not sure how Buggy friendly Camden is – I think it should be fine – but if you have a more “off road” one – it might be better.