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Cliff Jumping!

Ahhhhh! Bomb's Away! Boy That's a long way down Brace for Impact Climbing Back Up Dave Sideways 2
Dave Sideways Flip1 Flip2 Flip3 Flip4 Flip5
Hope Dave Doesn't Land Like This I Pussied Out It's A Bird, It's A Plane, Nope, It's Trevor Like A Cheeta Ready To Pounce Me Runnin' 1 Me Runnin' 2
Me Runnin' 3 Mountain Men Oh Shii Pencil Runnin' Man Running1
Running2 Running3 Running4 Running5 Sexy Otter 2 Sexy Otters
Some other Falls Swan Dive! The Bridge The Top Ledge Top Of The Falls (Who's Using The Rope) Top Of the Falls
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